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    Let us individualize your dog!

    Buy a pair of custom labels!


    We know that all dogs are unique, each of them have a special personality. Unfortunately they don't have words to express themselves, to show who they really are. Our mission is to help them making themselves visible and luckily we have found the perfect solution. Now we need you to help us to give them the style they deserve! With our individualized harnesses they have the possibility not just to feel comfortable and free physically, but also in their identity and style.


    So what are we talking about exactly? 
    We offer you the world-wide famous julius k9 harnesses, the best quality with all of the advantages of harnesses. And as a sign of our love and care for dogs, we offer a little extra! We provide individualized patches for your harness.


    What to write on the pathces?

    We know you can answer this easily, as you know your dog the best. You know all the hidden secrets of his/her personality, his best virtues, funniest habits, small weaknesses, fauvorite nicknames.

    Is he SMART and LOYAL or SHY and STRONG? Is he the BRAVEST dog on earth? Is he a true SUPERHERO or a SECRET FAIRY? Has he got JEDI powers? Is he a SUPER DOG bringing joy and laughter to the world? Is he the BEST FRIEND ever? Is he in fact a CAT IN HIS SOUL? Is he MUSHY, a GOOBER, a DOODLE or simply the NUMBER ONE DOG?

    We believe what you tell us, and we produce you the patches just the way you imagined them.


    You can order directly from our webshop.

    We have a wide range of sizes and colours in order to make it available for all dog types - from the smallest till the biggest ones. If you order from us you get with the harness:

    • one year Julius-K9 warranty
    • fast delivery - we have a huge amount of harnesses on stock ready for shipping
    • size replacement - if the size you ordered doesn't fit your dog we change it for the right one for free


    Don't hesitate to take the opportunity! Give your dog the best - he deserves it!


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    Striking Blue Eyes - Siberian Husky

    Striking Blue Eyes - Siberian Husky


    Typical Siberian Husky terrier names:

    Rocket, Flash, Bruce, Jackie, Mia, Rosy       



    • Weight: 35-60 lb
    • Height: 20-24 in
    • Life span: 11-13 years
    • Nature: energetic