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    A Baby Is On the Way - What Should I Do With My Dog?

    A Baby Is On the Way - What Should I Do With My Dog?

    Getting a Little Sister/Brother Is Not Easy For Dogs Either


    If you have a little sister or brother you must know how it feels like being your parents' only one then suddenly becoming the older one. Well dogs experience something similar when their owners have their first baby. Surely, there will be changes after getting home the new born. To avoid shocking your doggie, make those changes gradual. We are here to give you some pieces of advice what to do while pregnancy and after the baby is born. 




    Start preparing while pregnancy

    Here are some techniques that can make things easier:

    - If you feel that you will take your dog on shorter walks when the baby arrives, start  reducing walking time step by step. 

    - Introduce your brand new baby items to the dog. This way he won't be scared of/ can explore the stroller, the high chair, some noisy baby toys etc.

    - You should re-establish that you are the pack leader. You should train your dog a bit and make him understand that if you say stop he should stop with no hesitation. (read more: https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-training/socialization/introduce-your-dog-to-your-baby)

    - Your dog should be trained that he can't go into the babyroom (if you want it this way).

    - You may want to go on walks with a stroller so that your dog can accustom to the new walking style/pace.

    - Let him play alone with a superb chewer or ball more often in a joyful way. It's important to sart playing alone before the baby comes so that the dog won't associate playing alone with the baby. Most probably, this way it can be a positive activity for him. Why not give a try to Chuckit! Ultra Ball?! https://lasvegas-k9.com/chuckit-ultra-dog-ball-medium Or buy a high quality harness from lasvegas-k9 and we give you a Chuckit! Ball FOR FREE. https://lasvegas-k9.com/dog-harness-k-9-powerharness


     Baby with dog


    Some Things Have Changed But Others Remained the Same


    Having a New Born Baby At Home


    And here is the list of tasks after the birth:

    - When the baby is born, take home a piece of clothes with its scent on it and show it to your dog. Don't let your dog sniff it straightaway. There should be something gradual about the whole thing once again. 

    - On that special day when you take home the baby from hospital, ask somebody to take your doggie on a long-long walk in order to lower his energy level a bit. 

    - Here's the big moment: babay walks into the room in mommy's hands. Let the dog recognize the scent from a distant. One more thing to add: mommy shouldn't forget about greeting the dog the way she used to before having the newcomer. 

    - Always! supervize baby+doggie moments. Make your dog understand that the baby is not somebody he can do whatever he wants. The baby is a new pack member and to a dog a new pack leader. 

    - Spend time with your dog on a daily basis. If it's five minutes it's five minutes but make it regular! 

    - If he has always been allowed to jump on the couch and sleep there don't ban it. If you do prohibit jumping on the couch, it is likely that it will be a negative association with the baby.


    Prove your dog that there is space in the house for a dog and a baby too! ;)




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