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    Welcome to Julius-K9 webshop!

    Love is what dogs need the most from their owners. As much time together, walks, outdoor activities or training. That’s why it was an excellent decision that some years ago we launched trading with Julius-K9 harnesses, leashes, collars and other accessories, as they are that are needed both for the dog and the owner for safe outdoor time and activity.

    European quality

    Julius-K9 brand has been existing for 20 years, but our company introduced the products to the US market. We are proud of having served our customers with solely European quality, premium Julius-K9 products; almost the entire selection is available immediately due to our large  store located in Las Vegas. It is how we can quarantee quick administration and delivery to our customers. If you enriched your selection of goods with 100% European, award winner quality products, submit for retailer application here.

    We also keep the professional mission important to serve different watch and provost duties and trainers completely. We can support them with various special offers and discounts.

    SuperZoo, Pet Expo...History

    We have participated several times in the largest American Pet Expos. We are planning to persist to take part further on, as these events are not only great opportunities to exhibit our products, but we can also get to know with representatives and novelties in pet accessory market.

    Feel free to ask and shoot

    During our operation we have gladly experienced that owners more and more consider their pets to be companion. The try to keep their pets consciously and with responsibility, which sometimes needs some professional support. Therefore we encourage you to contact us with any question, request about dog-keeping, accessories or other topics. We have continuously been enlarging our knowledge, professional experience so as we can provide support and backing for present and would-be owners.

    If you’d willingly share with us and with others how great the delivered harness, collar or any other one of our products suit your pet, or you would simply be glad to share your experience with other owners, we’ll be happy and grateful to receive your photos with some sentences of summary at info@lasvegas-k9.com. Once we get it we will upload your image, ideas to our blog site and facebook profile as it is the greatest pleasure for us to see how happy you and your pet are.


    Order from us with trust, because…

    • we sell solely 100% European quality, original Julius-K9 products
    • we delivery our products with 1 year guarantee
    • besides continuously refreshed daily selection we favour our customers with different seasonal offers (like Black Friday, Christmas discounts)
    • you can reach our additional packages at discounted prices, in which you will surely find what suits you mostly
    • you can order the newest Julius-K9 products at us with no delay
    • at request of individual label we always do our best to delivert it as soon as we can; we receive logos made in the EU on a weekly basis
    • we support you in a friendly, customer-centered manner
    • we continuously provide follow-up info on your order
    • we change the products within 14 days


    Las Vegas K9 Inc. team


    • Company: Las Vegas K9 Inc.
    • Seat: 30 Strada di Villagio #105, Henderson, Nevada, 89011
    • Mailing address: 30 Strada di Villagio #105, Henderson, Nevada, 89011
    • Taxation number: 46-5630482
    • Phone number: 702-818-0808
    • Central electronic availability: info@lasvegas-k9.com