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    Saving $18 has never been easier! We give you FREE personalized labels for every harness. Make your dog mark out from the crowd!

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    We have years of experience in selling these on Amazon and eBay so we're sure this is the best offer. Check it out by clicking the icons below!

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    The reason why we made this offer for you is based on feedbacks of our customers! Our experience shows that people who order a harness tend to buy labels which can cost a lot. So we thought of introducing a new business model which we plan to run not as a simple offer but as a constant offer. We also linked you to our Amazon and eBay feedback profiles so you can see our record! From there you can navigate through these e-commerce sites and check prices and offers of the very same products there. 

    And now let me introduce ourselves!

    Hello, my name is Chris. Let me take you to a tour where I introduce ourselves, our products and our great offer!

    Let me first set off with information about our company which is Las Vegas-K9 Inc. Our HQ is in Henderson, Nevada, a click away from the Fabolous Las Vegas. Although we do not have a physical shop, we run this webshop and we show a strong presence on both Amazon and eBay. If you search for our name, you can find our profiles which have an almost perfect review. If you are more of an expo visitor, we can also be found on major pet expos, for example we have had booths for 4 years constantly at Las Vegas Pet Expo, including this year. 

    If you, dear reader have not lost your interest in reading this, please stay with me on this little tour and get to know our products and the brand! The origin of Julius-K9 is Hungary. The company was established in 1997 by Julius Sebő and he immidiately started manufacturing the great Original K9 Powerharnesses! Years have passed, but the quality remains the same, moreover it is even higher! These products (harnesses, leashes and accessories alike) are being constantly tested and upgraded to withstand the hardest circumstances. Did you know for example that the buckles we use on our harnesses can withstand 500 kilograms of weight? Yes, really. :) After that came the newest IDC (Innova Dog Comfort) series in 2010. You can see the comparison of K9 and IDC Powerharnesses HERE.

    And now comes the most exciting part, I'm going to introduce our offer to you. As you could see when you clicked on our icons of Amazon and eBay, the prices there are literally the same. That is because we work with the very same retail prices throughout the U.S. So what do you get if you order on Amazon or eBay? Nothing more than the harness itself. But if you choose our webshop, we give you a gift in the form of custom labels. You may choose premade labels, such as "Working Dog" or "Service Dog", or you may choose a pair of personalized labels for which you can type the text and also choose the color! These patches might seem a bit too cheap to be gifted and you stand there saying "Is this all?" but let me set your doubts at rest... These patches are actually worth $18! :) And I have not mentioned that we offer one of the cheapest shipping methods on the market for $3! We use the USPS First Class Package method, which is a trusted and trackable method. (Otherwise you can choose other methods, but I guess a trackable method for $3 is one of the bests out there) 


    Dear customer, thank you for staying with me on this journey, I hope you got to know us well! Best of luck to you!