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    2018, March

    Is owning a dog the secret ingredient of longevity?
    0 Is owning a dog the secret ingredient of longevity?

    As winter goes by, we start thinking of spring-cleaning. It’s not just our home that needs to be cleaned. Both the soul and the body are starved for recreation and detoxication. It happens at times that when you put on your spring jeans – or at least try to do so – then the mirror shows you somethin...

    K9 harness
    3 K9 harness

    K9 Powerharness, IDC Powerharness and IDC Belt Harness. You may ask what features these harnesses have.

    Nowadays there is abundant supply of dog harnesses. If you type the word ”harness” in an online searcher, you suddenly find yourself in the huge empire of dog harnesses. However, you may need to ...

    Dog harness Amazon
    18155 Dog harness Amazon

    Surely, you’ve heard about it before. Or you may be one of those who have already ordered from the site. We wouldn’t be surprised if you said you order regularly from Amazon.com. After all this enterprise with its headquarters in Seattle is one of the biggest firms handling business on the internet....