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    2018, May

    Gourmet dog at Interzoo!
    42 Gourmet dog at Interzoo!

    "The best for your best friend", says the motto of Gloria. I think it's about me and my furry friends, am I right? Because we deserve to be live like rockstars! I'm crazy about stuffed animals, that's why I loved being here! My favourite one was a fox, I named him Vulpix! 😃

    Later on I pawsed wit...

    Labracadabra, I'm back!
    68 Labracadabra, I'm back!

    Today was much more funnier than yesterday. I got my new harness with the German flag on it. Of course it's not a surprise, I always get what I want. 😉 In the morning we visited Rogz. They say it's the world's coolest pet gear: leashes and harnesses in many different colors. Yeah, I liked that!


    Good morning furfriends!
    0 Good morning furfriends!

    The first day of the exhibition was amazing. I'm just so happy that I had this wonderful oppawtunity to be here. Look, this is the booth of Julius-K9. Yeah, I know you can't take your eyes off me!😉 So many colorful harnesses, I want the one with the german flag on it! You want one, too, right? Good...

    Hey pals!
    0 Hey pals!

    My name is Nessie.

    I'm "a bearded but in a cool way" kind of dog. Schnauzers were bred in Germany, that's why I'm thrilled that this year Interzoo will take place in Nuremberg.

    By the way, did you know that schnauze comes from the german word snout, which means moustache. Funny, isn't it? ;) Pardo...