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    Hey pals!
    0 Hey pals!

    My name is Nessie.

    I'm "a bearded but in a cool way" kind of dog. Schnauzers were bred in Germany, that's why I'm thrilled that this year Interzoo will take place in Nuremberg.

    By the way, did you know that schnauze comes from the german word snout, which means moustache. Funny, isn't it? ;) Pardo...

    Is owning a dog the secret ingredient of longevity?
    0 Is owning a dog the secret ingredient of longevity?

    As winter goes by, we start thinking of spring-cleaning. It’s not just our home that needs to be cleaned. Both the soul and the body are starved for recreation and detoxication. It happens at times that when you put on your spring jeans – or at least try to do so – then the mirror shows you somethin...

    K9 harness
    3 K9 harness

    K9 Powerharness, IDC Powerharness and IDC Belt Harness. You may ask what features these harnesses have.

    Nowadays there is abundant supply of dog harnesses. If you type the word ”harness” in an online searcher, you suddenly find yourself in the huge empire of dog harnesses. However, you may need to ...

    Dog harness Amazon
    18155 Dog harness Amazon

    Surely, you’ve heard about it before. Or you may be one of those who have already ordered from the site. We wouldn’t be surprised if you said you order regularly from Amazon.com. After all this enterprise with its headquarters in Seattle is one of the biggest firms handling business on the internet....

    Thank you Vegas Pet Expo 2018!
    178 Thank you Vegas Pet Expo 2018!

    10th & 11th February, World Market Center (Las Vegas)

    Welcome to Vegas Pet Expo

    Pet Expo – which takes place in World Market Center, Las Vegas year after year – is a quite interactive one. You can touch every item exposed and you have the chance to adopt pets or buy accessories. Besides, each and ...

    Dog training harness
    0 Dog training harness

    You’re crazy about sports and you don’t want your doggie to miss your trainings either? Or it’s the dog that is more enthusiastic about your workout?


    Doing sports with your dog?

    Some owners think it’s better to leave the doggie at home when they go out to do some sports. Maybe it’s that they do...

    Service dog harness
    12816 Service dog harness

    Service dog

    Service dogs make life easier for plenty of people out there. They saved more life than you would think, only by being with their owners. In spite of all these fantastic facts we know so little about them.

    Service dog is a type of assistance dogs that is trained specially for helping h...

    Dog socialization or Let's meet other!
    49 Dog socialization or Let's meet other!

    Dogs have two different kind of behaviors and types of reaction: the first is how they behave when they are with the owner, family etc.  and they own a set of totally different reactions that we can notice in unknown environments with new stimulus (e.g. people or animals on the street).

    We need to ...

    World Animal Day 2017 Special Offer
    0 World Animal Day 2017 Special Offer

    It's a great opportunity for you to surprise your dog, as on the World-day of animals you don't have to pay for shipping!

    Did Julius-K9 harnesses caught your attention while you were walking in the park? Or did you see Lumino leashes and collars on the internet? Or maybe you are just looking for ac...

    It's time to go to school for dogs too!
    0 It's time to go to school for dogs too!

    Days are getting shorther, the weather is getting colder...summer is getting closer and closer to its end, which also means the end of the blissful relaxing of the youngsters. Autumn is coming at a great pace, so the kids need to get ready for the first school day.

    However, the beggining of septemb...