Buy a harness and choose a WARRANTED GIFT!

    Order the best harness in the world and get a No. 1 ball for free!

    If you order a Julius-K9 IDC* or K9 Powerharness you get a little present attached to your order. Would you rather have the Chuckit! Ultra Ball or a pair of logos FOR FREE?** It's up to you and your doggie! >>> Click HERE and you can already order it! 

    Buy harness and choose warranted gift!

    * The gift discount is only for the IDC® and K9 Powerharness! The IDC® Flag harness and IDC® Powerharness with side rings CANNOT be ordered with gift  (labels or Chuckit ball)!

    ** Chuckit! Ultra Balls are of size M, with a diameter of approximately 2,6 inches (6,5cm). If this size of a ball is too big for your dog, please order the logos instead!

    Why Chuckit! Ultra Ball is the best of all?

    The best dog toy is Chuckit Ultra Ball

    Does your dog gets excited the moment s/he scents the Chuckit! Ultra Ball in your hands? It's no surprise as this ball is considered the best one by dog owners. Doggies just love it. It bounces quite well, swims as nothing else and your dog gets a wonderful feeling while chewing it. Fortunately this ball is for hard wear (or hard chew), can be cleaned easily and perfect for playing/training.

    The combination of blue and orange makes it quite visible, so you won't lost it in the grass for sure. Concerning material, it is made of natural caoutchouc.

    If you have already got one of our Chuckit! balls then let's make your dog's harness more personal!

    New harness with free labels

    You can choose from our witty premade labels (Alpha, Do Not Pet, Police...) or tell us what you want to have on your logo and you'll get it. Whichever you choose, you get one pair of logos FOR FREE.

    Buy harness and get a pair of free labels


    • If you choose PREMADE LABELS please note that they are on stock and are shipped together with the harness!
    • If you choose CUSTOM LABELS please note that they are made in and shipped from Europe, straight from the manufacturer. These patches are sent separately and usually arrive next week!
    • Premade harness patches are only available in white color and in all sizes. Personalised custom patches are available in all sizes and all colors.