Christmas is Coming ... - Watch the Cutest Doggy Films to Get You in the Mood to Celebrate

    Christmas is Coming ... - Watch the Cutest Doggy Films to Get You in the Mood to Celebrate

    In this blogpost we would like to list some of the cutest Christmas movies with dogs in them just to remind you that the holiday is coming soon. They will surely make it feel like Christmas.


    #1 Look Who's Talking Now!

     IMDB rate: 4.3/10

    Let's start with a classic from 1993! Surely, you must have watched this film over over again. Actually, if you haven't seen it yet, it's time you did. It really is a must! John Travolta and Kirstie Alley are starring in this wonderful romantic comedy. Moreover, you've got two dogs with the voiceover of Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton. The two dogs represent two totally different types. One of them - namely Rocks - is a mixed-breed messy but loveable dog. The other one, Daphne is a sophisticated pedigreed high class dog. As you've probably figured, there are lots of conflict between the two talking dogs ... ;)



    #2 The Three Dogateers

    IMDB rate: 3.4/10

    It's a relatively new movie from the Netherlands. It's basically the four legged version of Home Alone. Three little white furred angels are left at home. They are having a great time until some nasty burglars arrive. They take aaaaaall of the presents of the family. Do not worry, the Dogateers are here to get back the gifts and save Christmas! 



    #3 An All Dogs Christmas Carol

    IMDB rate: 4.5/10


    It's a nice cartoon from 1998, combining two classics: Dicken's Christmas Carol is made into an episode of All Dogs Go to Heaven. Charlie and Itchy are here to save Christmas from Carface who wants to use doggies to destroy Christmas forever....

    Here's the full movie: 


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