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    Do Dogs Grieve? - How?

    Do Dogs Grieve? - How?

    It's now time of the year when we remember our loved ones who are not with us anymore. What about dogs? Well, surely they don't have a day when they light candles and remember their human buddies and doggie pals. However when they lose  a loved one they do experience something that is similar to grief (or it may be the exact same feeling - who knows?). How do you know that your dog is grieving?


    Dogs Mourning Another Dog

    If you have more dogs and one of them passes away earlier than the other, you'll probably see your living dog grieving their buddy. The signs are similar to the symptoms of human's depression: lack of energy and lethargy. However, you need to keep in mind that all dogs are different, so they may show different signs. For instance if the doggie who passed away used to be the pack leader, your dog may feel the need to take this position. You might see your dog behaving similarly to the dog who passed away (e.g. barking more, being more confident, being more/less friendly to strangers). 


    What Can You Do About It?

    Your dog is stressed by the changes due to the death of their pal. They miss their little friend and miss the regular pattern of days. You need to make sure that your dogs daily routine remains the same: don't forget about the walks and tug of wars to which they are used to. Being patient is the key. Sooner or later you and your dog will feel better. Until your four legged friend is happy again, give them all your love.

    Dogs Mourning Their Owner

    That's right, dogs miss their passed humans as well. Most probably they are not capable of understanding the complex meaning of death. Nevertheless, they can fell the absence of the owner (the smell, the voice and the touch of the owner). They will probably need time to accept that the pack leader is gone and that they have a new owner.  There are some dogs who never really get to accept it...



    Eizaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo University took in an Akita puppy called Hachiko. They soon became best of friends. Hachi saw his owner off at the train station each morning and picked him up at the same place every afternoon. One day Hachi was waiting and waiting and Eizaburo didin't came at the regular time. He never showed up again... He died while working. Hachiko, the loyal dog kept going to the station till the end of his life. A Hachiko monument was built at the station and Hachi is a national hero in Japan. Several films were made about his wonderful friendship with Eizaburo. There is an American adaptation which you may want to watch remembering your loved ones who passed away (including dogs and animals) and celebrating friendship and loyalty. 

    read more about Hachi: https://nerdnomads.com/hachiko_the_dog


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