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    Take Your Dog For a Walk- 2018's Autumn Dog Fashion Trends

    Take Your Dog For a Walk-  2018's Autumn Dog Fashion Trends

    Wait For It ...


    ... It's 2018's Big Fall Dog Harness Collection


    The days are shorter, the nights are longer, temperature is cooler and your mood is lower?! It is the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that affects a lot of people. What can you do about it? Exercise, run or go on long walks so that your body produces a lot of endorphin that triggers positive feelings. Take your doggie for a long walk and this way the two of you share a stress bustling activity. 

    read more about SAD: https://www.ctvnews.ca/5things/seasonal-sadness-tips-to-beat-the-autumn-blues-1.2600651


    Best Fall Dog Harnesses of 2018 + High Quality Leash As an Extra


    Good news for you Ladies and Gentlemen (and for the owners as well...) if you order an autmun harness from 10.12-10.21. on www.lasvegas-k9.com you get a tubular webbing leash FOR FREE.



    The List of Fall Doggie Harnesses:

    - kupfer orange:https://lasvegas-k9.com/filterSearch?adv=true&cid=0&mid=0&vid=0&q=kupferorange&sid=true&isc=true#/noFilterApplied


    - dark green: https://lasvegas-k9.com/filterSearch?adv=true&cid=0&mid=0&vid=0&q=dark%20green&sid=true&isc=true


    -chocolate: https://lasvegas-k9.com/filterSearch?q=chocolate&adv=true&adv=false&cid=0&isc=true&isc=false&pf=&pt=&sid=true&sid=false


    -leopard : https://lasvegas-k9.com/filterSearch?adv=true&cid=0&mid=0&vid=0&q=leopard&sid=true&isc=true



    And here are the FREE leashes you can choose from: https://lasvegas-k9.com/julius-k9-idc-tubular-webbing-leashes


    When going on a long walk with your dog in his/her brand new autumn colored harness you will need to keep in mind the following things:

    - Choose the route/destination wisely! It must be a dog friendly surface!

    - Take a pet first aid kit with yourself! No, it's not the same as the first aid kit you have, animals need an other kind of equipment...

    - If it's a reeeeealy long walk, and you plan to cross some mountain like rocky surface, you may take special dog boots. Surely, your dog will hate it a lot but it will protect its paws. 

    - Put your stuff in your dog's harness sidebag so that you can go without a bag and in your sports clothes that may not have a pocket: https://lasvegas-k9.com/filterSearch?adv=true&cid=0&mid=0&vid=0&q=sidebag&sid=true&isc=true

    -Always have their tags on so that if they get lost people can bring them back to the loving owner.

    -Take time for little stops and chill a bit.

    - At last but not least don't miss the chance of ordering a fall fashioned harness and getting a leash FOR FREE! ;)



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