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    Fear and Halloween in Las Vegas - Doggies & Owners

    Fear and Halloween in Las Vegas  -  Doggies  & Owners

    Halloween 2018 - Why Do People Love It?


    31st October is coming soon. People have probably bought a costume and many kinds of decorations.  Do you know ....

     ... why  we put on scary customes and decorations ?

    A: All Hallow's Eve probably originates in Gaelic traditions and is dedicated to remembering the dead. The holiday was Christianized (or was a a Chrisitan holiday with no Gaelic origins- as some people claim) and developed many customs: trick or treating, putting on costumes, apple bobbing, playing pranks, visiting haunted places, carving pumpkins and watching horor films. 


    Q: Why do we enjoy wearing scary costumes, baking cookies shaped as human fingers and watching horror movies?

    A: There are several psychological theories that try to explain the reason of enjoyment. Let's see the horror movies first. Probably the most important thing is the paradoxical nature of these film. On the one hand, horror films have personal relevance and cultural meaningfulness - we like watching horror films that display the evil and fear that is relevant in our society. On the other hand, horror films have an unrealistic effect. So the movie should be about things that we are afraid of happening to us, but the film should communicate that these scary things are far away from us and won't happen to us. Maybe wearing scary costumes and visiting haunted places have somewhat similar effect on us. It is scary but we know that the guy dressed as Dracula won't hurt us.

     Halloween for Dogs


    Q: Do doggies enjoy Halloween or is it rather scary for them?

    A: Well, common fears of dogs are not as complex as common fears of humans. Dogs may have fears because the lack of socialization: if they weren't introduced to many people when being a puppy they may have a fear of strangers, children or people in general (the reason behind fear of human can be being abused by humans as well). Dogs may have fears because of their sensitive sensories: fireworks, firecrackers and thunder go hand in hand with sudden, unexpected loud noise. Many members of doggy society hate these kind of things. A third type of dogs's fear is the fear of some objects: vacuum cleaner, the car in which they have to travel or HOLIDAY DECORATIONS. So, if you think of it, Halloween parties can be a nightmare for dogs.  If you see that your four legged friend is not so crazy about decorations, costumes and parties with crowds of people, don't  force them to go to Halloween parties. Your dog is way more important than your 'prize-winner' costume. 

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