Giving Thanks On Four Legs

    Giving Thanks On Four Legs

    Thanksgiving is here again! How are you going to celebrate it? And more importantly: how is your dog going to celebrate it? We have some tips for you to be able to make 2018's Thanksgiving dog-friendly. 


    Healthy Diet


    The cutest look on planet Earth award goes to... your dog when trying to persuade you to give a bit of your turkey. Is it a good idea, though? Well, you may give a little bit of turkey to your doggie but make it to be  a very little portion. It should be a little bit of white meat without fat or skin. After chewing a piece of turkey your dog might want to get you to give him MORE food, but you shouldn't. You should bear in mind that giving grape, raisin, garlic, onion or chocholate to your dog is a huge fat NO. They're basically different kinds of toxic when talking about a dog. Briefly, it might be a better idea to surprise the doggy with some kind of dog food s/he likes. 



    Lowered Stress Level


    Thanksgiving - just as other special occasions - can be stressful for dogs. Holidays usually involve traveling to relatives and friends. Traveling = sitting on the backseat of the car. You should make your doggie get used to traveling by car - make it gradual and pleasant. Also, your dog may not be in favour of your friends coming to your house and dancing til the sun comes up. As a responsible owner, you should always make sure that your party is your dog's party as well, don't make him/her suffer. 


    P.S. Here is a video where dogs secretly eat all kinds of things they shouldn't. If you see a feast like this, always interrupt!


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