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    It's time to go to school for dogs too!

    It's time to go to school for dogs too!

    Days are getting shorther, the weather is getting colder...summer is getting closer and closer to its end, which also means the end of the blissful relaxing of the youngsters. Autumn is coming at a great pace, so the kids need to get ready for the first school day.

    However, the beggining of september is not special only for kids, but for doggies too, as they can attend schools as well. Dogs can be trained at home, it's wiser to take them to professional trainers if you want them to have special skills (for instance if you want your dog to be qualified for police or hospice services) though.

    Dogs are learning constantly from the moment of their birth till the end of their life. Naturally, first from the mother but fellow doggies also have a key role in social learning. Based on these previously learnt ground processes they begin to open their eyes in the big world.

    Tips for home-trainings

    A lot of people think that training a dog before s/he reaches the fifth or sixth months is pointless, it would be quite important to begin the trainings early though. When you have a puppy you want to train, firstly you need to teach the basic rules the dog must observe, and also the simplest of commands the dog has to understand. Be patient and don't make the trainings longer than 5-10 minutes, because a puppy won't be able to concentrate after that. Some nice words or a little stroking should follow the training so that the dog would be motivated to learn the next time.

    The importance of environment

    The sooner our doggie gets used to the harness, collar and leash the easier our situation is. Try to take your puppy to several places so that s/he can be confident and calm in lots of kinds of situations, environments etc. If you do so, when the dog reaches adulthood you can basically take him/her with you to (almost) everywhere, as the dog won't get scared of things so easily and will obey you for sure.

    First step: socializing

    A 3-4 months old puppy can be taken to school to start learning the proper behavior in the company of other dogs. In this part of learing the dog will be highly interested in its environment as basically every sound and smell is new for him/her. It is the time when proper reactions and behaviors are learnt in different situations.

    You need to help your dog to find its place in the pack. You must teach your doggie to avoid agressive behavior until it's possible. The dog should also handle meeting with other dogs appropriately.

    It's not about changing rather shaping!

    Different breeds have different characteristic features. These features - in the same manner as it is with people - should be accepted. Nevertheless we can shape these traits so that the advantegous features will be highlighted and strenghtened. You should never train your dog to be something else than s/he is. If we recognize some kind of phobia for instance fear during a storm, or fireworks etc. than we shouldn't make these fears ingrained by pitying and worrying, we should rather stay calm and be empathic. You should ask for the help of a professional therapist if these fears won't ease.

    Training at home is just as important as a professional training. However home-training help the dogs to learn just the basics, like where to eat, how to behave with family members etc. Whereas during aprofessional training they can acquire special skills like behaving well in a rather frustrating environment, coding other dogs' behavior and react to them properly.

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