We have received some feedback saying that in spite of correct putting on, the harness still hurts the dog’s skin. You are entitled to ask what can be wrong? Have I ordered wrong size? Or there’s just simply some adjustment problem? In this article we are trying to provide remedy to the problem.

    The first and most important step: What size of harness should I order?

    So as Julius-K9 harness can give you the expected excellent quality during walks or trainings, it is essential to choose the appropriate size. Let’s see the process step by step:

    • Measurement

    First measure your dog thoroughly: if you have a puppy or a small dog, measure its chest (girth) 2 fingers behind the front legs, while in case of  middle-sized or large dogs it is 4 fingers’ distance. Please, see it in the following picture:

    • Choosing the right harness size

    Based on this size table it would be easy to select the most comfortable harness for your pet.

    • My dog is at size limit. What should I do?

    If your pet – based on its chest diameter – is just at size limit, it is worth buying the bigger, next size harness. For instance, we offer a 0 (zero) size harness for a 58-60 cm chest diameter Beagle. In addition, you should be aware of your pet’s weight to get the most precise measurement result.

    I’ve received the harness. How to adjust it?

    There are two straps on Julius-K9 harnesses: chest strap and a lower one (under the abdomen). It is essential to adjust them so as they be neither too loose, nor too tight, as if we leave it too loose the pet could back out of the harness, while if it is too tight it can chafe its skin. 

    Once you open the pack and take the harness out, you open the buckle so as to release chest strap. You should only thread it through the opposite metal ring, then pull it back and fix it with the velcro. Visibility strip must be on the outside! If you have adjusted the harness correctly, in case of smaller dogs 2 (two), that of bigger ones 4 (four) fingers can be comfortable put between the dog’s front leg and the lower strap. 

    Julius-K9 dog harnesses are expressly user friendly products. It is easier to put it on your pet as you should only pull it through its head and buckle it at its chest. Adjustment of lower (under abdomen) strap is correctly adjusted if you can slip your palm between your pet’s back and the harness.

    In the following video visually illustrate what we described above:

    Should I repeat adjusting before each use of the harness?

    NO. Once you have done the above and paid attention to adjust the product correctly, during your walks or trainings you should not bother with it any longer. Just put the harness on your pet, fix it with the lower strap bucket and start your outdoor fun!

    I usually go for longer walks with my dog. Do I need any extra adjustment?

    With a simple comparison… It is, of course, not the same comfort in the same pair of shoe going for a day-long hiking on uneven surface and just walking half an hour in the city. Your feet swell and sweat, especially in summer. 

    HINT: Harness also has a different function on your pet in a social event, along busy roads or in a free spacious environment, like forests, riversides. It is worth considering when you adjust the harness that for a one-hour walk among people and cars going up and down it is wise to adjust it tighter, while if you hike, walk far from roads it can be a bit looser.