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    Individualized Harness - Xmas Present

    Individualized Harness - Xmas Present

    Do you like getting clothes in your perfect colour for Christmas? Well, probably everybody likes getting quality clothes. Have you ever thought about why clothing is so important for us? It might seem odd to some of the readers but our choices -even when considering clothing - have meanings on deeper levels. The T-shirts, shirt or blouses we put on tell a lot about us to others and to ourselves. Probably your dog would like to put on a quality harness expressing his/her identity and lasvegas-k9 is here to show you the best harnesses. 


    Individualized harness

    Here's an idea: what if you could buy a premium quality harness for your dog and on top of that you could personalize it. Put a custom label on the doggy's harness. 

    On the harness you may put:

    - your dog's name

    - your dog's status (e.g. GUIDE DOG, POLICE DOG)

    - something witty ('Catch me if you can', 'Diva')


    Proud to be Momma's Boy

    Proud to be a Momma's Boy


    Two Types of Custom Patches + Good News

    You've got two types of customized patches to choose from:

    - a wish logo 

      - you decide what we write on it

      - you can choose from many colours and Font Families



    - unique logo

      - useful or funny logos to send a  message to the world

      - in white colour





    If you order an IDC or a Powerharness you can choose a pair of custom patches FOR FREE! It's a special offer by www.lasvegas-k9.com for the dog owners of the USA.  Choose a colour or pattern you like and surprise your dog with a comfortable harness & get a pair of custom patches as a gift. 



    What about getting a harness in Christmas colours?

    - dark green 






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