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    type of dog leashes

    Dog leash

    Before buying a leash, you must take some things into consideration. First of all you need to think through what you will use that leash for.
    Are you looking for a leash for training, walking or doing some sort of sport? Safety has a key role in all the cases aforesaid. It’s not just the size but the stability of the leash that should be chosen based on your dog’s temperament, age and strength.
    When you grasp it, it should be comfortable as it will be in your hand a lot. Looks is always secondary, however you may be glad to see leashes in other colours than black.

    To make your decision easier we made a little summary about Julius-K9 leashes:

    1. The dazzling neon colours of Lumino leashes provide you with safety. They will fluoresce at night (depending on the hours it was in light/sunlight previously). The handle has a silicone coating which prevents you from dropping the leash.

    2. Leashes made of tubular webbing are known for being extremely heavy duty. It is the perfect choice for doing some sports or going for a dinamic walking. Thanks to its superb material it won’t cut your hand (not even when the loading goes to extremes).

    3. Color & Gray products are quite popular textile leashes. Its material is one that is for hard wear (with rubber threads woven into it in order to have better adhesion). It can easily be used in wet weather conditions.

    4. For using a contact leash needs a bit of practice. Although in order to lower the smothery effect there is double stop on the leash, due to the inflexibility of the leash every movement of your hand directly affects your dog. If the dog is a trained one, this leash could serve as a tool for correction.

    5. A retriever leash is a collar and a leash at the same time (it’s an economical 2in1 pack). It is perfect for trainings and hikes in the great outdoors. You can teach your dog to follow you by your side while walking with the help of this leash.
    Rope leashes for trainings is in the same category. In contrast to retriever leash when using a rope leash you’ll need a collar or a harness, however the materials and the functions of the two types are basically the same. You would be glad to have a leash like the aforesaid when training your doggy, as it is heavy duty and has a comfortable grip.

    6. Leather leashes are famour for being extremely heavy duty… the same goes for our Buffalo-leather and Adjustable leather leashes.
    Also, both types are hand sewn. They have a soft and comfortable grip and they are heavy duty.
    The tallow used in the stage of trimming may precipitate under cold weather conditions. This layer can be easily wiped with a warm rag.

    7. The swimming-, show- and Y police has been proved to be adequate in its own field. Without these special Police leashes trainings in waters or lead-ups at exhibitions would be much more difficult.