Striking Blue Eyes - Siberian Husky

    Striking Blue Eyes - Siberian Husky


    Typical Siberian Husky terrier names:

    Rocket, Flash, Bruce, Jackie, Mia, Rosy       



    • Weight: 35-60 lb
    • Height: 20-24 in
    • Life span: 11-13 years
    • Nature: energetic


    The double coated beauty from the North. We don't keep them because they are beautiful (but they truely are) but because they are quite hard working and  the best friends of humans. In Siberia the Chukchi tribe used this breed as a sled dog. In the early 20th century Siberian Husky got to Alaska. There they were life saving doggies. When there was an outbreak of the disease diptheria, Huskies were the ones to transport the needed medicines. They were the ones who could transport stuff in such weather conditions (eeextremly cold). 


    A strong and hardworking breed... That's why they consider themselves as THE packleader . If they do so, you should do something about it straightaway... Or actually you should make sure from the beginning that your dog knows that YOU are the packleader (-->it's not a good idea for a novice owner to get a Husky). Huskies are highly intelligent. You would think that training them is easy as one two three then. Well, they so intelligent that they will realize when you do your little tricks like giving a piece of food and want them to turn over then clap three times and dance a bit. Don't be surprised if they gracefully leave the spot. Otherwise, they are quite trainable. 

    They are full of energy but not 100% full because you need space for the huge amount of love and affection they give to basically everybody around them. They bond well to their family and children in general. :)

    If you want to have a Husky, get ready for doing exercise 24/7. They don't consider napping as a free time activity. Of course, you don't have to be there with them all day long, but playing with your Husky is a must. 

     read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_Husky


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