Xmas Gift Ideas - Get the Best Gift for Your Dog

    Xmas Gift Ideas - Get the Best Gift for Your Dog

    You might have experienced that you go home and your dog is waiting for you with a 'beautiful' present. Sometimes it's a really good gift dogs want to give you and sometimes it is something you don' want in your home... It' s quite a cute thing of a doggy to give their human a present. However, you must know that if you don't want your dog to give you a piece of a football covered in dirt, you shouldn't show too much emotions because your dog might interpret it as positive excitement and give you many more gifts. Okay, so they like giving gifts for sure. Since Christmas is coming, the question may be raised: do dogs like receiving gifts?


     Here's a personal story to answer the previous question. Last year we celebrated Xmas with the extended family and before the dinner came the usual gift giving part. We were standing in a circle and wishing to each family member Merry Christmas while giving a nice present. Our doggy was standing in the circle as well. Then came the high spot of the evening: I gave our dog a present. It was a ball on a rope. He was fascinated. All evening he kept coming and cuddled up to me in ways I never saw him doing. He performed a whole show for me. It was a lovely Xmas gift for me as well... :)


    What Would be the Best Gift for Your Dog?


    What about a Chuckit Ultra Ball? Wait... you don't know the amazing Chuckit ball?? It's high time you read a bit about it. It is kind of a multifunctional ball as it's perfect for playing and it can be used for training as well. Good news is that it is made of natural caoutchouc! Another advantage is that due to its orange colour, it'll be easy to find it in high grass or in a bush. Briefly: if you want to buy a quality toy for your dog, you need Chuckit Ultra Ball! 



    Did you know?


    Did you know that if you order a harness on www.lasvegas-k9.com, you get a Chuckit Ultra Ball for FREE? What a beautiful Christmas it would be for your four legged friend...getting a premium quality harness and a beautiful chewable ball.

    Get a harness here: https://lasvegas-k9.com/julius-harness


    Don't worry, just chew it...


    If your dog already has a nice orange Chuckit! ball to chew, it's still a good idea to order a harness. Why? Well, because you can get individualized harnesses by getting FREE custom patches for the harness you order on www.lasvegas-k9.com ! More about individualized harnesses next week... ;) 


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